M- Skylight jumping – We are slammed these days…TeePee is working day and night on work and me on solo kid duty…aka THE HARDEST JOB IN THE WORLD. Ha, seriously though single moms, I am in awe.


N- Gravity free living

11 months


It really is amazing how almost a year can pass in the blink of an eye (or a lack of sleep/too much chocolate induced frenzy). Here we are one short month away from a whole year with this person as a part of our lives and family and little lovely Nina Rose’s personality has really started to shine. Turns out she’s a little bit funny and a whole lotta nutty. Always one of the the first to jump into song circle to dance up a storm and throw her head back with glee. While M has a delicious cackle, she has a self knowing chuckle that makes you feel like she has inside knowledge on a really good joke or perhaps even the universe itself. She’s just started walking a few short distances much to her extreme delight and I’m so excited for the day in the very near future that I see both my girls running around together.


I liked this sneezing out take…


Taking a minute to check in with the director/fluffer/chair non-sharer



M- “It smells good here, like trees, water, boats and people”


N- Doesn’t want to sit down, doesn’t want to let go and walk by herself…there’s a lot of supported standing going on.

Sometimes its so nice to get out of your routine and drive away to somewhere (Grandma and Grandpa’s) that you don’t have to think about getting things done around the house or your to do list. Even if it’s just for two short days and you come home to a mountain of laundry and cleaning….somehow you come home happier and more settled….even Pepper has a complete and total fun hangover.








M-  Is there anything better than the light from the setting sun after a summer day spent playing? This was actually taken on my phone, but some of the best moments happen when I don’t have my camera and my phone is always faithfully by my side.


N- She of imperceptible eye colour will chew on anything these days…even my jogging pants strings or rather preferably my jogging pants strings. At least her two first teeth have popped through…finally, was starting wonder if she was going to be gums for life.

Sidebar – A nanny at a drop in song circle the other day got seriously offended first at NR’s size (Canadian babies are too big in her opinion) and second that I couldn’t tell her for sure what colour her eyes are….she seemed unconcerned that I was wearing a tank top so stretched our from nursing that I was practically naked.



M- These busted up tanned legs are residing in one of 3 forts built each day.


N- Food lover, Hangry getter….I can relate, I once smashed my car in a starving rage.


And finally my plan of having another kid to keep the first one busy is starting to come to fruition.


10 months


The other day somebody asked me if I thought babies remember being in the womb and it made me realize that N has just made it over the threshold of more time out than in. I can’t say for her inside days, but it looks like she’s pretty into the outside world so far. Points of interest include but are not limited to; ANYTHING her sister does, throwing herself down onto pillows and hugging them, patting other babies heads and calling them Pepper, trying to feed people (and pepper), and throwing her head (sometimes whole body) back at song circle and laughing like an insane maniac. This girl LOVES music and she already has some pretty amazing dance moves. She HATES getting her diaper changed and by the end of the day I often feel like I’ve been wrestling a giant seal for hours…speaking of giants she is an amazon at over 26 lbs and 30 inches she is the size of an average 14 month old. She is turning into a real character and even if we are still not sleeping that great at night, it’s so sweet to wake up every morning to her ever smiling face.



M- Outside all the time…it seems we spend all our spare time slaving on our backyard. Considering it was a rubble heap last summer, we’ve come pretty far and it’s becoming so very worth it.


N- Just puttered over to this thing and took it for a spin the other day….now her only problem is all these GD walls everywhere.



M- had surgery for an inguinal hernia last Thursday. A very emotional day for us. As they say it is always harder on the parents and she was amazing, but my heart goes out to parents who’s children have chronic health problems. We really are quite lucky. (still all naked all the time for this one)


N wearing a dress just like her big sis, thrilling for all parties.


There is always ebb and flow in every relationship. Since N was born M has for the most part been really excited and good to her sister, but since N is now on the move, grabbing hair, toys and sometimes skin the bloom has worn of the rose slightly. I often find myself playing peace maker around here. When we visited M in recovery after surgery she started crying saying she wanted her baby. I thought she meant her doll and I gave it to her and she said no I want my baby at home, I want my Nina and ever since then she has been slightly less annoyed with the grabbing hands of a curious baby.



Although a Saturday snack session turned into a very bitten finger (N’s). When I asked M why she bit her sister she simply said, “because I wanted to eat her”. In her defence the baby does look AND smell delicious.



Every night I ask her what she wants to do tomorrow and she always has the same answer, “Play”


When big sis is gone she putters into her room to lay down on her bed. It is quite something to witness true adoration.


I wish for them a lifetime of working together side by side.