Nina Rose turned one yesterday and so ends the shortest/longest year of my life. When you spend a lot of time alone with small children an hour can often feel like a day, but these months have just flown by and now here we are with two walking talking (four words counts right?) kiddos. This girl has become both an unstoppable force AND an immovable object. It was a bit of a concern that with an older sister with such a large personality that N might fade into the background, but not so. She has her own large personality, with big smiles, a love of music and a very goofy sense of humour. Now that she can walk she wants to run and do everything her big sister can. Determination is never going to be a problem for this girl and although right now it often ends in frustration, I hope it helps her forge a path to a very happy future. It was not part of her plan to sit for a posed picture yesterday…she literally took the full can of Perrier she likes to walk around with and walked off the shoot.



We tried again after her nap with very little success



just grumpy birthday realness.


Two one year old birthday parties in two days…I’ve eaten 3 cupcakes today and been awake since 4:30 am so my brain can no longer function well enough to make decisions…therefore two pictures each. BAM!



M- Continues her love affair with balloons.


N- A little party in our local park for this almost one year old girl.


M likes to dress her up in her own dresses which makes her look like a little grandma doll…Grandma doll seeks out all electronics then tries to hide in the corner deleting all your apps.


Looking back at these weekly photos it occurs to me that most of them are taken inside our house. It’s not that we aren’t outside, in fact we spend most of our days outside. It’s just that sometimes bringing a big expensive camera with you almost feels like you have another kid to take care of and I already have my hands full with these two (3 if you include Pepper!). So for this week I’m using photos taken on my phone of which there are many.


M- Enroute to park pit stop


N- Now that she can walk she wants to do EVERYTHING the big kids do.




M- Looking and acting like a very big kid these days…I have seen a glimpse into the teenage years and something tells me it’s not rays of sunshine.


N- walking around on her own two feet with the head bumps and bruises to prove it.



M- a much needed moment of solitude at a friend’s cottage. It’s crazy the way toddlers just amp each other up into a whirlwind of overtired funadoes.


N This girl cracks me up and warms my heart with her silly jokes.



M- Skylight jumping – We are slammed these days…TeePee is working day and night on work and me on solo kid duty…aka THE HARDEST JOB IN THE WORLD. Ha, seriously though single moms, I am in awe.


N- Gravity free living

11 months


It really is amazing how almost a year can pass in the blink of an eye (or a lack of sleep/too much chocolate induced frenzy). Here we are one short month away from a whole year with this person as a part of our lives and family and little lovely Nina Rose’s personality has really started to shine. Turns out she’s a little bit funny and a whole lotta nutty. Always one of the the first to jump into song circle to dance up a storm and throw her head back with glee. While M has a delicious cackle, she has a self knowing chuckle that makes you feel like she has inside knowledge on a really good joke or perhaps even the universe itself. She’s just started walking a few short distances much to her extreme delight and I’m so excited for the day in the very near future that I see both my girls running around together.


I liked this sneezing out take…


Taking a minute to check in with the director/fluffer/chair non-sharer



M- “It smells good here, like trees, water, boats and people”


N- Doesn’t want to sit down, doesn’t want to let go and walk by herself…there’s a lot of supported standing going on.

Sometimes its so nice to get out of your routine and drive away to somewhere (Grandma and Grandpa’s) that you don’t have to think about getting things done around the house or your to do list. Even if it’s just for two short days and you come home to a mountain of laundry and cleaning….somehow you come home happier and more settled….even Pepper has a complete and total fun hangover.








M-  Is there anything better than the light from the setting sun after a summer day spent playing? This was actually taken on my phone, but some of the best moments happen when I don’t have my camera and my phone is always faithfully by my side.


N- She of imperceptible eye colour will chew on anything these days…even my jogging pants strings or rather preferably my jogging pants strings. At least her two first teeth have popped through…finally, was starting wonder if she was going to be gums for life.

Sidebar – A nanny at a drop in song circle the other day got seriously offended first at NR’s size (Canadian babies are too big in her opinion) and second that I couldn’t tell her for sure what colour her eyes are….she seemed unconcerned that I was wearing a tank top so stretched our from nursing that I was practically naked.