The title of this post makes me realize there are only 9 weeks left in this year. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?! That is seriously blowing my mind. Now onto the photos.


M- Somebody is pretty pleased with their Halloween costume. Even her peon(s) seem impressed.


N- She WILL do the mission impossible to save that stroller from it’s death cage.



Guess which member of our family was stuck in bed fighting the flu/pneumonia this week? This guy right here…me. Thankfully it was not the baby but man is it hard to take care of the baby (and everyone and everything else) from bed. I am so thankful for our family who stepped in and helped us survive last week. As it is hard to take photos from your death bed I got TeePee to snap a few on Sunday with his phone.


M- Snacks aboard the high park train


N- Ditto



M- A quiet moment before morning ballet class. Finally on the mend and ready to participate in life outside.


N- She will rock and shush that baby cat until the end of time….after all she learned from the master.



M- and finally after 6 days of fighting pnemonia…a smiling face.


N- making her own indoor fun…brushing teeth (obsessed), dancing in socks…NOT pants, because clearly putting on pants is a buzz kill.



M- You count and then find me…I’m hiding behind this wall.


N- Apparently peekaboo or as she calls it “HIYA!” is the happening around here.


We packed up the car, the kids, and the dog for what turned out to be a four hour drive into a rainstorm for a wedding this weekend. Magically the rain stopped long enough for the outdoor ceremony, reception and impromptu dancing circle to Total Eclipse of the Heart.


M- A moment of quiet amongst the running, dancing, and icing licking.


N- A small girl in a tutu on a forest walk.

The one thing we did not bring was our camera….I seriously need to dust that guy off for next weeks portraits….it’s been far too long.



M- With much encouragement she has been stepping outside her comfort zone and making friends with strangers at the park…growing up as a super shy kid I couldn’t be more proud.


N- A solemn swinger….If I was going to create a species, I’d make them born WITH teeth.




M – “mama today was so good”…and it was.


N – taking in some sisterly advice on how to not fall (too late)

and a couple more pics of kiddos on wheels tearing down the rail path.




2 crazy kids, 2 tired parents, and 1 neurotic dog descended upon Wasaga beach for 5 days of summer fun.


M- eating buns, running around naked and watching tv on Grandma’s bed.


N- falling down, getting up, learning to say Grandpa and sleeping like a baby (and by that I mean waking up every hour).

And so we say goodbye to this sweet summer that took forever to come and disappeared in a flash as always.








Nina Rose turned one yesterday and so ends the shortest/longest year of my life. When you spend a lot of time alone with small children an hour can often feel like a day, but these months have just flown by and now here we are with two walking talking (four words counts right?) kiddos. This girl has become both an unstoppable force AND an immovable object. It was a bit of a concern that with an older sister with such a large personality that N might fade into the background, but not so. She has her own large personality, with big smiles, a love of music and a very goofy sense of humour. Now that she can walk she wants to run and do everything her big sister can. Determination is never going to be a problem for this girl and although right now it often ends in frustration, I hope it helps her forge a path to a very happy future. It was not part of her plan to sit for a posed picture yesterday…she literally took the full can of Perrier she likes to walk around with and walked off the shoot.



We tried again after her nap with very little success



just grumpy birthday realness.