M- wants to help me with my projects, every time she made a mistake she said “mom I’m only a kid, I’m just learning”


N- These days you only know she’s asleep when the balloon flies

1/52 2016

I did not intend to keep going with this project. Life is so busy and it’s just that one more thing to do. But every year I print out these pictures into a book and they are essentially the only photo albums I have. So when it came time to not put up pictures I realized I just can’t quit you…not yet at least. So here we go, most of this year’s pics will be from my phone, and if it gets to hard to keep up I may still stop but for this week at least, for now I’m here.



M- New haircut, Thumb stitches and turning 5 started 2016 off with a bang.


N- Maximum toddler times in full affect





Maude and Nina I wish for you in this new year and all others to come fun, adventures, joy, learning and a life filled with good health and good friends, bad ideas that help you discover better ideas, tumbles and mistakes that strengthen your reserve but never dampen your spirits.  To love and be loved, to go after what you want because it doesn’t always find you. Be kind, be careful, but not too careful, be honest, and most importantly be yourself….everyone else is already taken