M has been asking for a haircut for over a week but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’m not really sentimental but so many memories in those hairs. When I caught her trying to cut it herself with the crafting scissors, I gave in. Also wearing the Easter dress that I slaved over my sewing machine creating row after row of gathering…she chose the fabric, pink of course and flowers. She was thrilled. She also begged for that Victorian dollesque hat to complete her Easter outfit. The girl has her own style at the tender age of 3.


N in Easter polka dots….we keep expecting teeth but none show up and she has really cultivated her stare down face that she especially likes using on strangers to look into their souls.



M yukking it up in the bath. I’m not against nudity BTW but the internet is a wild wooly place filled with weirdos so for here we will go with a censor bar on N’s little bits.

15-52-nN testing out some new skills, Pepper consider yourself warned.



M-Playing nap


N After a real nap

The endless winter continues…we continue coming up with new ways to not go crazy in between cold walks and slippery park trips….Pepper has found herself the guest at more than one tea party.



Oh Mr. Sun, Sun…Mr. Golden Sun please shine down on me.

11-52-mM-Of all the toys we own a balloon always becomes the favorite.


N- Inspect, Eat, Repeat.


No warm weather? No problem, we’ll still go to the park anyways. Because we are Canadian and that’s just what we do.



M Serious about walking Pepper and wearing pink.


N This pink marshmallow tried the swings.



Still so so cold here, sadly Spring feels very far away, which means lots of inside time spent coming up with new fun things to do. I would be lying if I said this winter wasn’t getting to me and sometimes make me wonder why we don’t live somewhere with better year round temps, but anyhoo for now here is our home, love it or not.




M had a grumpy last week, so it’s nice to see a big smile on her face again.


N- Incredibly hulking out of her entire wardrobe.

6 months

Half a year….seems to go by so fast yet also forever ago that I was pregnant.


This sweet faced baby has the patience of Job, gives the best hugs and is the perfect balance to her high energy wing nut of a sister. Even with all the crazy and sleepless nights two small children bring, we feel lucky she chose us as to be her family. A very happy half birthday to you Nina Rose.