M- It snowed and snowed. We went tobogganing and she tobogganed her hat right off, she rolled down the hill without a toboggan and got snow in her hair and said she was having the best time ever.




N- Not quite a tobboganer yet.



4_52_m_2 copy

M- We lasted 3 weeks into 2015 without getting sick. PS ears…pierced!


N- Obsessed with her phone (ipod nano). It’s a different world for kiddos these days…sometimes I’m thankful to have grown up in the last era of simpler times pre internet and smart phones. Even though I can’t live with out them these days.


I’m really happy with how the 52 project turned out. It forced me to take pictures and pay pay attention to the easy to ignore passing of time. And even though there were some weeks where it felt like a chore, I’m committed to try it for another year. And so it begins again….


M- Once she was a little baby and now on this day she is four.


N- Wondering who has come home and what this new year will bring.


I always find the end of the year to be a thoughtful time to reflect on the year gone by and think about whats ahead in the future. We have some decisions to make about how we want to live our lives and where and I’m hoping things come to light in the coming year. The funny thing about this age of the internet is the glimpses you get into other people’s lives can have a way of making you feel like you could or should be perhaps living differently then you are. Right now we are city people and it’s great. I love our city and what it has to offer our family, but it is expensive, and close quarters often make me dream of the country. I often think maybe we are actually mountain type people or desert type people or homesteaders or organic farmers and we just don’t know it. While we still try to figure out what type of people we want to be and how we want to spend our lives, one thing is certain. Whatever way we choose to spend our lives, one thing I never wish is to be trying to figure this all out with anyone other than us. These are my people and I’m so happy to be doing whatever we do together.


Maude Lydia Louise- Dancing and singing and telling people what to do. A beautiful empathetic heart encased in a sometimes grumpy shell. Scared of being alone as well as crowds but fearless about climbing and jumping off playgrounds in a single leap.


Nine Rose Marguerite- Dancing in circles and making jokes, patting your back, then pulling your hair. Staring at the world in wonder and trying to jump. Cleaning up her own mess and giving the best hugs.


A broken computer, holiday madness and ANOTHER bout of sickness has kept me from posting last weeks pics….one more week to go (wowza)!


M- Finding all new kinds of hideouts over the break.


N- Portrait of the artist as a young girl.