Sunday Stuff

We decided to not do anything major on the house this weekend after the bathroom vanity fiasco of last weekend (which turned into a week long process) and I woke up Sunday morning to a sunlight filled room. It almost felt like summer up here and let me tell you, it was swell. I’m sure almost everyone is feeling those end of winter blues creep in and we haven’t even had a bad winter this year.

Never the less, March is almost here and Spring feels like it is right around the corner and for that I say Huzzah!

Some pics of our lazy morning;

This is the amazing vintage find I made on my b-day, $14.99 for this wool rug! It’s the vintage find of 2012 so far…

Sometime H&M gets it so right. I am obsessed with this tank top onesie!

What can I say? The girl’s got moves!

Thanks Sunny Sunday, you really came through! Today is about as grey as can be and it is the Papa’s birthday. Unfortunately he had to roll out of bed extra early and rush off to be on set for a shoot. Here at the ol’ homestead we are wishing him the best day filled with delicious burritos and on set food. Thanks for being the absolute best Papa, hubs, pal for life. We love you and all you do for us!

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