Hot Down, Summer in the City

There have been some violent happenings here in the city with 2 fatal public shootings during daylight hours and the recent stabbings/muggings on Yonge st., even so I feel like I’m having a real renaissance with Toronto. I’m kind of loving it here right now and only daydream about moving to the country 20% of the time. We went to this amazing new restaurant last Thursday (Farmhouse Tavern) that has all local Ontario (well Canada at least) ingredients and wines/beers. I had been watching the transformation as I rode by for the past few weeks and I must say I do love seeing great things come together, very inspiring indeed.

And yes folks the wait is over, it’s summer at last….there are people out and about, there is the smell of trees on the breeze, and the season is stretched out in front of us with the promise of swimming and ice (rice) cream, BBQs, sparklers on the beach and naps in the sun. Yup pretty much loving life right now and I think I know someone who feels the same;

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