Fall Happens

I closed my eyes for one second and when I opened them, Fall (or Autumn if you’re fancy) had come and the street looks like this;

I feel like the days are going by so fast that soon my baby will be 2 and it will be winter and Holiday time, but until then we still have Thanksgiving and Halloween coming up, two of the greatest holidays. We have been soup eating and puddle splashing the days away, but also taking some time to focus on the house projects that we tried to ignore over the summer.

I’m tired of getting the hairy eyeball from the unfinished wall up here, but there are always more satisfying projects to do. Like painting one door four different times, four different colours and still not loving the end result. Crazy? Perfectionist? Bad colour chooser? you be the judge.  I’m still adjusting and will post pics when I feel like I have come to terms with this door. Until then we have finished the nook (raucous applause and cheering) and just in time to spend many a night squeezing our whole family in there to read ourselves to dream land.


We also put in a bannister on our stairway that has revolutionized our stairs, perhaps even our lives, but would make an incredibly boring picture. So instead here is a picture of Pepper demonstrating how alive the bannister makes her feel.

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