Rainy Weekend DIY

Fallout rain from hurricane Isaac was scheduled for this weekend so we figured it was a good time to take care of some projects. We FINALLY got started on making the window bench seat in M’s room.  Here it is before;

Here’s all our supplies preparing themselves to form a nook. M is preparing to put anything that gets in her way to nap by draping a blanket over their entire person.

TP gets ready, M helps by dancing to the music of 50 screws shaking in a plastic box.

And 2 trips to Home Depot plus 2 trips to the wood shop at TP’s work; including one at night…Saturday night in downtown club land (an experience TP has vowed never to repeat). Things were coming together.

It has a swinging door for storage and a space for books at the front. I have to paint it this week and make the cushion for on top and then we will nook like we have never nooked before!

Also during nap on Saturday I made M this dress from an old T-shirt of mine. No before picture happened because I was practicing being lazy.

I know I promised I would try to relax a bit and not have so many projects on the go, so I did manage to also finish reading my book (relaxingly) AND watch numerous hours of Community. Also I managed to walk away from the nook on Sunday and go to the Junction Flea and hang out with some friends and on the upper deck with this guy.

The old me would have had that nook painted and ready to go whatever the cost.


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