Christmas Crafting

I finally had the chance to get my Christmas craft on this weekend and finished up this felt garland I had been planning. I was inspired by a felted garland I saw at West Elm, but I am already almost at my maximum for Christmas decorating purchases (as I patiently await my exciting Ebay win!) so I decided to make something my own self.

Here’s what I used; felt sheets (I ended up using 7), scissors, a round thing (I used a small glass), marker, Thread, sewing machine, embroidery floss (optional).

This craft is so cheap and easy, the only caveat is that cutting out all those wee circles is time consuming. Using your round thing and marker make many many circles on your felt.

Circle up all your felts and cut them out (I added one sheet of red felt after I analysed my circle piles/colour choices)

I lined up my circles to see if I was happy with my colour selection…

Next comes the fun/easy part, the sewing of the garlands. You can just feed the circles into the machine one by one.

And soon you will have a delightful garland coming out the other side. (If you can manage to keep small hands away from your circles).

I decided to make two garlands so they would be easier to handle (less tangley) and this ended up making about 30 feet of garland. I threw some loops on the end with embroidery floss because that’s how garlands seem to roll.

And Ta-Na! Two Christmas garlands to call my very own. We are getting our Christmas tree this weekend so they are just hanging around the house for now delighting passerbys (me and M, Pepper couldn’t give a fig) for the time being.

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