M- had surgery for an inguinal hernia last Thursday. A very emotional day for us. As they say it is always harder on the parents and she was amazing, but my heart goes out to parents who’s children have chronic health problems. We really are quite lucky. (still all naked all the time for this one)


N wearing a dress just like her big sis, thrilling for all parties.


There is always ebb and flow in every relationship. Since N was born M has for the most part been really excited and good to her sister, but since N is now on the move, grabbing hair, toys and sometimes skin the bloom has worn of the rose slightly. I often find myself playing peace maker around here. When we visited M in recovery after surgery she started crying saying she wanted her baby. I thought she meant her doll and I gave it to her and she said no I want my baby at home, I want my Nina and ever since then she has been slightly less annoyed with the grabbing hands of a curious baby.



Although a Saturday snack session turned into a very bitten finger (N’s). When I asked M why she bit her sister she simply said, “because I wanted to eat her”. In her defence the baby does look AND smell delicious.

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  1. Trudy

    Great pictures! Hopefully the biting will not continue. I’m sure they are going to be great playmates at some point. XX00 Grandma

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