Basically the day to day adventures of one mama, an adventurous baby and an obsessive dog.

Ladybug Mama

Loves; Dark chocolate, hand made goods, quality not quantity, healthy food stores, good design, projects.

Hates; Disorganization, when the freezer has no chocolate, when money stresses her out.

The Papa

Loves; Playing guitar, living off the land, tacos, canoeing

Hates; Waking up early (or at all), jerks, when strangers touch him.

Baby Maude

Loves; Blueberries, Pepper, swings, running free, boobs, books

Hates; Anything that contrains her in any way, sleeping, sitting still


Loves; Sun squares, treats, long walks, vacuums

Hates; When people don’t notice that she is cute, when people leave, when she is poked by little M




  1. Casey

    Sorry, this is the only place I could find to subscribe… and I need to subscribe because our tots are the same age and we have way too much in common…

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