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Chairs and things

This new baby is my kind of a baby…lazy. With 2 days to go there are no signs of labour so I am trying to sleep and tie up a few loose ends around the house. I managed to make some new slipcovers for our deck chairs and spray paint them (Ivan did that part) so they are as good as new. Here they are before, tattered and torn.


And after;



Now if I could only figure out how to get out of them at almost 40 weeks pregnant! Here are a few more pics of our space that has been coming together nicely.


A bathroom upstairs is one of the best things that has happened to me lately.


Air plants have a new home. We might have to take a little break if baby arrives, but I’m feeling really good about how far we have come at this point!

Monk Month

January is traditionally a very low key month for us. We generally are trying to make up for all the over indulgences of December including spending, eating and drinking. I usually do a big cleanse this month and we try very hard to spend less pennies and pay off the debt that accumulated through the final months of the year past. We like to call January Monk month so that not spending money and eating soup feels like a fun challenge. A good time to re-read Pillars of the Earth!

It has also been extra snowy and cold around here which has us spending more time indoors (we do go out and spend time in the snow, but when I’m flying solo with dog/baby/snowy/cold I don’t bring the camera) and reading some of the books we got as Christmas presents.

For M

The sweet story and dynamite illustrations make this book a new favorite.

For The Papa

I always like to buy Ta P (I just can’t come up with anything ok) books so that just in case we do decide to head to the hills, we will know how to tap our own maple syrup and whatnot.

For me

Oh the projects we will do together!


Christmas Crafting

I finally had the chance to get my Christmas craft on this weekend and finished up this felt garland I had been planning. I was inspired by a felted garland I saw at West Elm, but I am already almost at my maximum for Christmas decorating purchases (as I patiently await my exciting Ebay win!) so I decided to make something my own self.

Here’s what I used; felt sheets (I ended up using 7), scissors, a round thing (I used a small glass), marker, Thread, sewing machine, embroidery floss (optional).

This craft is so cheap and easy, the only caveat is that cutting out all those wee circles is time consuming. Using your round thing and marker make many many circles on your felt.

Circle up all your felts and cut them out (I added one sheet of red felt after I analysed my circle piles/colour choices)

I lined up my circles to see if I was happy with my colour selection…

Next comes the fun/easy part, the sewing of the garlands. You can just feed the circles into the machine one by one.

And soon you will have a delightful garland coming out the other side. (If you can manage to keep small hands away from your circles).

I decided to make two garlands so they would be easier to handle (less tangley) and this ended up making about 30 feet of garland. I threw some loops on the end with embroidery floss because that’s how garlands seem to roll.

And Ta-Na! Two Christmas garlands to call my very own. We are getting our Christmas tree this weekend so they are just hanging around the house for now delighting passerbys (me and M, Pepper couldn’t give a fig) for the time being.

5th times a charm

In an act of complete madness I decided to give the door just one more try with yet another colour and am adequately satisfied with the results. Much to TP’s chagrin the final colour ended up being pink.

That’s the silhouette I had done a few weeks back hanging up there.

We have also made the switch away from the crib, we recently got a futon mattress to put on the floor in case she needed our help on rough nights (anyone who has ever had a baby with sleeping problems, who refuses to Ferberize will understand) and we just never really went back in the crib after that. So here is our new set up.

We put an antique window in the wall when we built it to let in more light. Our house has many large trees around it (that we love) so it is often shadesville inside. I whipped together some pillow cases and a fitted sheet from my old vintage sheet stash and things are finally starting to come together up in there.

TP and I have made a pact that the weekend after Thanksgiving we will finish the wall upstairs or die trying.

Fall Happens

I closed my eyes for one second and when I opened them, Fall (or Autumn if you’re fancy) had come and the street looks like this;

I feel like the days are going by so fast that soon my baby will be 2 and it will be winter and Holiday time, but until then we still have Thanksgiving and Halloween coming up, two of the greatest holidays. We have been soup eating and puddle splashing the days away, but also taking some time to focus on the house projects that we tried to ignore over the summer.

I’m tired of getting the hairy eyeball from the unfinished wall up here, but there are always more satisfying projects to do. Like painting one door four different times, four different colours and still not loving the end result. Crazy? Perfectionist? Bad colour chooser? you be the judge.  I’m still adjusting and will post pics when I feel like I have come to terms with this door. Until then we have finished the nook (raucous applause and cheering) and just in time to spend many a night squeezing our whole family in there to read ourselves to dream land.


We also put in a bannister on our stairway that has revolutionized our stairs, perhaps even our lives, but would make an incredibly boring picture. So instead here is a picture of Pepper demonstrating how alive the bannister makes her feel.

Rainy Weekend DIY

Fallout rain from hurricane Isaac was scheduled for this weekend so we figured it was a good time to take care of some projects. We FINALLY got started on making the window bench seat in M’s room.  Here it is before;

Here’s all our supplies preparing themselves to form a nook. M is preparing to put anything that gets in her way to nap by draping a blanket over their entire person.

TP gets ready, M helps by dancing to the music of 50 screws shaking in a plastic box.

And 2 trips to Home Depot plus 2 trips to the wood shop at TP’s work; including one at night…Saturday night in downtown club land (an experience TP has vowed never to repeat). Things were coming together.

It has a swinging door for storage and a space for books at the front. I have to paint it this week and make the cushion for on top and then we will nook like we have never nooked before!

Also during nap on Saturday I made M this dress from an old T-shirt of mine. No before picture happened because I was practicing being lazy.

I know I promised I would try to relax a bit and not have so many projects on the go, so I did manage to also finish reading my book (relaxingly) AND watch numerous hours of Community. Also I managed to walk away from the nook on Sunday and go to the Junction Flea and hang out with some friends and on the upper deck with this guy.

The old me would have had that nook painted and ready to go whatever the cost.


Movies and Dumplings and yard work oh my…

A rare occurrence happened around here on Friday. M went to daycare and TP and I both didn’t go to work so we had the WHOLE day together by ourselves….for the first time in almost 2 years. We took P on a special walk, rode our bikes around, went to Chinatown, ate at Asian Legends, went to the movies (Moonrise Kingdom, loved it!) and ended it all by hitting up the Junction Art Crawl (with M and some friends).

Having the best day ever made it so much easier to spend all day Saturday working on the backyard, and it is starting to take shape.

I like to think of it as a secret garden, but with more dog pee on the ground.

This is our little outside room, this part of the backyard is on a slant going towards the back (for water drainage) so the people sitting on  the bench tower over the pee wees on the green chairs.

Here is a close up of that metal ball thingy that we got at Aberfoyle. We stringed some lights through the whole shebang and at night it looks like this;

We even used the extra bricks we salvaged from re-creating the stairs/ensmallerizing the garden out front today…we killed it this weekend! One final sweep Sunday morning and we are done (stage 1).

Next up we are turning this whole front area into a deck…luckily the people who owned our home before us added a lot of details we love. Like this bird apartment block along the side of our house.

It’s easier adding to good than starting fresh.


Baby Mama Party

Yesterday was Kristen’s baby shower and the weather could not have been more perfect for the outdoor party we had planned. We had a little crafting party Friday night to make the decorations and let me tell you, crafting circles and mega glasses of wine after a truly long week make for a dangerous combination. It all came together and looked pretty GD adorable if I do say so myself.

Extreme close-up, pouf edition

The lady of the hour

Looking pretty amazing at 34 weeks mama!

M enjoyed some slide time

While Leah Jane and I tried to win the trivia game (fail)

But the real winner was Kyle who now has the greatest accessory known to man.

Insanely gigantic flower boa.

If I had 3 arms, I definitely could have co-hosted, baby minded and taken pictures, however Zeus just didn’t make me that way, so these few Instagrams will have to do.

In Amazing Fantastic news our new camera should be up and running this week which will be super duper sweet Brah.

19 months

We had a great weekend in the city, with the perfect ratio of getting stuff done and fun times. It’s been raining felines and canines around here lately, and I kind of didn’t mind all that much. I spied a long john in my drawer the other day and it kind of felt like seeing a long lost friend.

Here we are 19 months, 27 lbs, 9.5 teeth…

And some highlights of the weekend via Instagram. So many good times were had it’s hard to list them all, but drinks on the porch, vegan gluten free cookies, dog walks, brunch, pals, flea market, cleaning and organizing (yes I love those things for real) and best of all we finally got around to working on the back yard and it’s starting to look totally amazing. We are really going to have to have some people over to do a backyard warming soon.

M eating a watermelon, lemon, basil popsicle and forcing Clint to sit down right in the middle of the Junction Flea Market.

A little bit of the new back yard set up.

T.P. taking a much needed Sunday afternoon nap wearing his new 1% talent T-shirt.

Someone was flying a kite at the park, we just laid in the grass and watched for a bit like we hadn’t a care in the world.



Piranha 3D

We have been dealing with some major biting issues over here, and by we I mean me since I am really the only one she bites. I feel like it is a combo of teething and weaning frustration. We are still nursing, just only once a day and mostly I think she is ok with it, but my left shoulder (I hear it’s the tastiest bit) is basically beef jerky these days.

Maybe it’s boredom frustration? It reached a fever pitch last week when it was rainy every day. It has prompted me to seriously consider getting her one of those play kitchens from Ikea for when we are stuck inside.

I did get the curtains for her reading nook finished, now we just have to make the bench seat. it is 3rd on important house tasks to get done. Since everything takes about a thousand years, it should be ready somewhere around 5012.