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And then it was April

I went up to my parents on Friday so the Papa could have some time to get started on one of the medium sized reno projects in the house; building walls so M can have an actual room. In our minds it is the answer to better sleep for all, and as usual any project takes about four times as long as you think it will!

We are about halfway there which is really exciting and should have them up and finished by the end of this weekend. No pictures of this because half made walls look really boring according to the camera on my phone.

I do have a pic of M wearing an old barrette of mine that I found on one of my childhood dolls.

She made my dad read her that book like a thousand times and let me tell you, counting to 10 a thousand times isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Must bring more books up next time.

Whenever we are gone I always think about how Pepper is going to luxuriate on the couch without the impending threat of little hands grabbing her and how they will sleep in and hog the whole bed and stretch and rejoice, but generally when I am gone Pepper whiles away the hours shivering and worrying that she is being abandoned. Here it is Monday again and April already and back to business as usual.

Notes from the Editor

Here are some pics from our week. It seemed to take forever for the weekend to come and now sadly it has gone. We have been having some amazing sunny days which means hanging out in the windows when we are inside and in the parks when we are outside.

We managed to finish off a few house projects in the last couple of weeks that helped say good bye to the last of the boxes. Here’s a pic of our new shelves that we did last weekend. (we still have to get the rest of our books from Babi’s so it looks a little spare).

and I finished the window seat cushion and curtains too!

Now if I only had time to lay there and read….one of these years it’ll happen.  AND we got this amazing new plant that I am in love with. We locked eyes across the Home Depot Hot house and I knew I wasn’t leaving without it. Here it is with the red balloon Kristen and Kyle brought over for Maude to replace her yellow friend. I kind of think maybe balloons should always be a part of everyone’s life….balloons can solve all our problems you guys, and if they can’t, they can at least brighten up the corner of a room. Hope you all had an amazing weekend!