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Product Love #2

Today I bring you Daiya, one of the staples of my fridge and dare I say even my life. Being dairy free/gluten free in a world full of pizza and poutine isn’t all it’s cracked up to be sometimes and it’s products like Daiya that make life as a food eating human that much better.

This is hands down the BEST cheese substitute I have ever eaten, it is gluten, lactose and soy free AND it’s Canadian!

Here it is all shreddy and delicious in Cheddar flavour. It also comes in slices and apparently wedges (according to the website) but so far all I’ve been able to find is the shreds. The other good thing about it is that one extremely picky (discerning?) toddler around here loves it.

Also it melts like a dream, and not one of those dreams like when you are running away from zombie vampires, more like the ones when you are queen of the fairies and you live in a land of chocolate.

Here it is preparing to melt itself into a delicious hot mess on our breakfast taco filling.

Also we clearly need a new breakfast taco pan, don’t judge us. Just go get some Daiya and revel in the joy this cheese-less cheese will bring you.

Shoe Obsession Cont.

I had been eyeballing these Gap clogs that were in the window of the Lawyer’s office/used baby clothes store down the street (yeah that’s how the Junction rolls). I even went in one time and almost bought them but had to walk away when I realized they were not made of leather. Of all the things I learned from my Eastern European mother, what stands out most are these facts; there can never be enough food at gatherings and you should never scrimp on the quality of your shoes or your knives.

Germans do love their knives and it was incredibly amusing to me that one of the gifts our relatives in Germany sent when M was first born was her own set of stainless steel cutlery. But back to the shoes. M’s feet have been growing like weeds and as I tried to shove her feet into her too small shoes I decided $10 for shoes she will grow out of in 2 months is a good deal.

Also in exciting news there is a big used kids stuff sale happening next weekend in Bloor West Village. A sale so exciting that you have to stand in line and get tickets and no babies allowed. It is going to be intense and I will spend the next few days training my jabbing elbows and thousand yard stare….I might even bring my fine German knives in case things get ugly….

Shoe Obsession

I have been looking far and wide for some good classic shoes for M for fall. I really wanted something solid, well made (ie not made in China) from leather that aren’t covered in flowers. Simple, classic. My search is over and my obsession has begun with Kepner Scott. They have been making shoes since 1888 in the same factory in Pennsylvania. This is my kind of company!

They don’t have retailers in Canada, but the very helpful woman I am e-mailing with is willing to let me purchase direct. But how to choose from these amazing styles?

perfect t-strap….

Mary Jane perfection….

Or adorable desert boot? All so good! Why didn’t the Universe make me rich instead of talented?

also in other news TP found these old images last night from when we first got our Mac back in 2007, remember when the meaning of life was who could look more like a character from LOTR?

Clearly I’m the big winner here right folks?

One of a kind vintage finds

Anyone who knows me knows that thrifting is something that is close to my heart. There is nothing like the thrill of finding treasure amongst piles of random stuff. Plus I just love looking at objects. I have been having some good luck lately at places big and small, fleas and garage sales and just regular old Value Village.

We just need to track down some furniture and family members.

German made leather interior/suede exterior sandals for m (next year). The vintage Alice in Wonderland quilt is from the good old picking days at Preloved.

Doilies for a few projects that I can’t wait to make from this book. The children in this book are styled to an adorable perfection without being too obnoxious.

I love this camel guy….all weathered and mysterious looking. Perfect for making believe you are on a trek through the dessert!

Fifty cents for a hand smocked dress? Yes please.

We scored some good stuff at Aberfoyle for our backyard. We need to devote some serious time to getting it in shape. Once it is the Oasis we have planned, I’ll post pics.

Product Love #1

So I have been thinking about doing a series on here about products that I really love. The thing is when I like something, I tell everyone, friends, enemies, co-workers, construction workers. I can’t seem to keep the love I feel for great products inside. I could basically be the Daiya spokesperson (but that is for another post).

Today I am going to talk about one of my favorite body care products (oh yes there are many) from Cake, the Milk Made cuticle hand and smoothing buffer.

First of all the thing I love about this line is that it is Canadian (Hamilton!) and uses natural ingredients. The woman that started the line used to be a baker and now she makes products that smell like a cake is baking right on your freaking body!!!

This is like a scrub oil combo that looks something like this;

You use this mini spoon to get some of the scrubby stuff out

scrub it all over your hands and let it soak in

Don’t know why my fingers look like sausages in this shot, perhaps in honor of all the sausages that will be eaten on this long weekend?

Anyhoot you let it sit and then rinse and you are left with these crazy moisturized hands that smell like cake heaven. This stuff basically saved my hands life all winter long, I haven’t had the need to use it as much lately, but I just remembered it existed and fell in love all over again!

It was a long week

I’ve been a little scarce around these parts. First M got sick and nobody slept for 3 nights, then she was the grumpiest lady in town for another 3 days with a rash for good measure, then the Papa got hit with it hard which just left little old me to fight off the evil virus/do the dishes. It was a long fought battle, but I’m thinking I have the upper hand now.¬† M ended the week with a finale of pooing in the bathtub and peeing on the carpet….twice! Let’s just say her pantless privileges have been revoked for a bit longer…

Nobody was really up for the epic 30k bike ride we had planned for our Mother’s day celebrations yesterday, so we went on a long walk and hit up all my favorite healthy(?) hot spots. Cinnamon buns, donuts and to die for pumpkin chocolate chip (vegan/gluten free) muffins from¬†Bunners. And lunch from The Big Carrot! We even managed to stop by High Park and a few local garage sales where I scored an amazing smocked dress for M for a mere 50 cents. As the Papa knows the way to my heart is with natural face and body products and I was gifted accordingly with this amazing Horse scented perfume that I had been blathering on about for a few weeks and a new face oil, huzzah!

Little Style

So it looks like the DVF for baby Gap stuff is out. It is cute, but dang it’s kind of pricey. I really like this Fred Flintsone-ish T-shirt dress, but it’s $43 and I think my $43 would be better spent on some salt water sandals that she will wear every day and I can save for (still TBD) future baby.

What is it about kid’s clothes that are so tempting? I never buy stuff for myself anymore, I could basically leave my house in a gunny sack these days, but putting M in cute outfits delights me. My mom got her this pair of Neon Chartreuse skinny jeans that made me squeal with delight. I squealed. Out loud. Upon taking them out of the dryer. I tried to get a picture of her in them, but she was more interested in throwing my phone around and rolling in the duvet that was on the floor.

We’re not going to win any photo contests with that one, but you get my drift.

My guilty pleasure these days is going through the clothes I have saved (from thrifting, hand me downs, etc.) for her as she grows and just laying them out and then refolding them and putting them away. When me and my sister were littles, my mom’s aunt who was a seamstress in Vienna would send us clothes she had made for our dolls. I wonder if this is where my love of hand crafted apparel comes from?

Sunday Stuff

We decided to not do anything major on the house this weekend after the bathroom vanity fiasco of last weekend (which turned into a week long process) and I woke up Sunday morning to a sunlight filled room. It almost felt like summer up here and let me tell you, it was swell. I’m sure almost everyone is feeling those end of winter blues creep in and we haven’t even had a bad winter this year.

Never the less, March is almost here and Spring feels like it is right around the corner and for that I say Huzzah!

Some pics of our lazy morning;

This is the amazing vintage find I made on my b-day, $14.99 for this wool rug! It’s the vintage find of 2012 so far…

Sometime H&M gets it so right. I am obsessed with this tank top onesie!

What can I say? The girl’s got moves!

Thanks Sunny Sunday, you really came through! Today is about as grey as can be and it is the Papa’s birthday. Unfortunately he had to roll out of bed extra early and rush off to be on set for a shoot. Here at the ol’ homestead we are wishing him the best day filled with delicious burritos and on set food. Thanks for being the absolute best Papa, hubs, pal for life. We love you and all you do for us!

Good Arts

I have spent the last hour and a half obsessively staring at the Coral and Tusk artwork trying to decide which one is my favorite. I kind of want to get one for M for her birthday. Ok it is also kind of for me since I LOVE them and will enjoy seeing it every day, but come on these things are so reminiscent of snow days and hot chocolate and jumping down the stairs to land in a pile of pillows. Fun kid memories!



I’ve narrowed it down to these two…..will keep you updated on the final decision….I really have to stop going to Kolkid, it is too dangerous!