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A few shots from our weekend in the country. So nice to get out of the city and the day to day of your own life every once in awhile…well worth a torturous car ride with two kids who do not enjoy the car.



Seeing this girl running through the grass with a troupe of pals was the highlight of the trip. Even though things with a group of toddlers can get a bit Lord of the Flies, days spent outside in the sun and nights curled up on couches watching old Disney VHS’s make for some pretty content kiddos.





There were Trilliums abound on the forest floor…




more forest findings…

As you all know I’m a huge animal lover, but you have to respect a guy who is willing to hunt his own meat.




This wee man was on his best behaviour barely making a peep the whole time.


farm_21-copySecret morning meeting…


pre Halloween

In the spirit of extreme tiredness and me not making a better costume N dressed up like a cupcake with no eyes for Pre Halloween pumpkin carving night.


M decided the only part of her costume she wanted to wear was her tights and  catty face make-up so she kind of ended up with a plain clothes hippie cat situation. Also I feel like this completely out of focus picture really encapsulates the night for these two which was mostly spent hiding in this closet, laughing hysterically, crying and eating meatballs.


I didn’t even take a picture of the pumpkins we carved because I have a giant baby strapped to my chest 80% of the time. I’ll see if I can manage it before the squirrels make away with them completely.


So long 2012

New Year’s Eve is actually one of my favorite holidays, not for the parties and hooplah, but more for the saying good bye to the old and hello to a fresh start. I have been under the weather with my usual holiday cold, sequestered to my couch with Pepper watching every episode of Glee and thinking about what I want for myself and my family for this new year. I like to give myself a deadline of midnight on the 31st to come up with my final list so I’d better get cracking.


So long 2012, you proved to be an interesting year and I think 2013 will be even more interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store.


The Rose and The Thorn – holiday edition

The Mama Rose Awesome presents across the board, great food, good times and one afternoon of watching movies and putting photos in my new album while M napped.

Thorn We drove home on the 26th through a snowstorm to find our power had been out since four pm (and remained out until midnight) thwarting my plans to watch holiday movies.

The Papa  Rose 4 days off work to spend yukking it up with us guys.

Thorn Taking a course for the rest of Christmas vacation, and although necessary, sad to no longer be yukking it up (we are in fact not yukking it up anymore, but cleaning like maniacs)

Baby M Rose New toys, fun times and a sweet reunion with her baby who had been left behind at a friend’s house.

Thorn Hello non existent naps and wacky bedtimes.

Pepper Rose She, Pepper herself even got to sample the Roast Beast.

Thorn Three days of Christmas floor scraps equals one sad doggy belly.

1&2 Christmas funsies. 3 The look of extreme terror/nausea Pepper gets on every car ride. 4 A perfect afternoon. 5 life by candlelight.


So we survived the apocalypse guys and I for one am quite happy about that. With the big C coming up, I’m sure we all have enough on our to do list without adding dealing with the apocalypse, although everyone would at least have a lot of food prepped so that would be convenient. As we gear up for our usual 3 days of X-mas in a row, we actually had some time to just hang out this weekend. Here in fact is M hanging out with one of her “cousins” (she likely won’t have any blood cousins, but I like to think of our friend’s kids as her cousins) mini E.

Hope everyone has a great holiday filled with food, friends, family, and whatever else pumps your nads.

Cheers Dears.

The Rose and The Thorn

Mama Rose I moved something that was blocking an elderly gentleman with a cane’s passage at the liquor store this morning and he came up to me as I was leaving and said “I hope I’m the first person to wish you a very Merry Christmas”. What can I say? I’m a sucker for Christmas spirit! All the pictures above are snippets of the holiday cheer in our house.

Thorn I can now add to the list of things that are missing and possibly never to be seen again, my leather gloves. Already on the list is my whole set of keys and the remote for the Apple TV. A cold walk it was pushing a stroller and walking the dog gloveless, a cold walk indeed.

Papa Rose Upon return from work and a cold cold bike ride is a happily screaming toddler who jumps into his arms and says “Paaaaapaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”. That’s some good stuff right there.

Thorn You know when someone says they will do something for a certain amount of money and then turns around and times that number by 10 for some mysterious reason? Yeah, that’s kind of non-awesome.

Little M Rose Papa bought a whole bag of balloons that we have been slowly going through.

Thorn Pepper keeps biting the balloons and killing them.

Pepper Rose Papa bought a whole bag of floating fun balls.

Thorn The floating fun balls keep exploding in her mouth for some reason.

Oh Tannenbaum

Continuing our kick start to the holiday season we hit the road early Saturday morning to go pick out our tree at the St. Lawrence Market.

M rarely leaves the house without her purse these days. I guess you just never know when a crayon and a cat sticker might come in handy.

After checking out the meats selection and purchasing some edible goods,

we went out into the freezing cold to pick our tree. There was a small car retrieval situation involving a forgotten parking pass/correct change that left us shivering by our tree for a bit longer than ideal. Good thing this horse was an amazing conversationalist.

Another good thing was that Peter and Maite had some extra rope to lend us since we didn’t really plan ahead on that front either. Also Peter has tying on down to a science and is the all around tree tying on roof hero.

After a warm up, a nap and some expensive (but amazing) sausages, we had our tree lit up and ready to decorate.

M took ornament hanging very seriously, planning out every placement.

Tree’s eye view

She has in the last two days re-arranged the bottom half of the tree many times, wonder where she gets that from?

Let’s get it started in here

To officially kick off the Christmas season M & I had a double date today with our pals E&E. The plan was to get the annual Santa photo at the Duff and then hit up Swiss Chalet for festive specials/memories of growing up in the suburbs.

Although spirits were high first thing and everyone was decked in their seasonal finery.

There was no chance M was going to go sit on “that red man’s” lap. Unfortunately the helper elves try to make kids smile by waving a jingly stuffed animal in their faces, unknowing of M’s deathly fear of stuffed animals. Needless to say this time it was a bust and we left without photo evidence, but she happily screamed out “Bye Santa!” when we left so I’m sure with a couple more visits in the bag we will get there. If I can handle that many visits to the Duff that is.

SC came to town

It’s officially the Christmas season. Due to unseasonal warm temps it doesn’t feel that way, but the Santa Claus Parade on Sunday really kicked off the season in my books. We hit the subway early to try and avoid feeling like sardines packed in a tin can. Massive fail.

We had to blur out everyone that wasn’t less than two years old since those subway lights were not in the business of doing favors to complexions.

M hit the crowd at the start of the parade like a champ and got a chance to see the first three floats for a long long time before the parade start time.

This purple octopus was a favorite. By the time the parade started 45 minutes later we had traveled over the hill and away from the crowds.

Even though it wasn’t Christmas themed fun, it was good belly laughing fun.

We headed home just as Santa sailed by, tired, content and totally parad-ed out.



In our usual Halloween tradition I made M a costume. And in her usual Halloween tradition she had zero interest in wearing it. I had pinned these wings awhile back and was planning on making her an owl headpiece to go with. The wings were super easy if a bit time consuming, all the instructions are here on this cute blog.

Here are my in process wings.

And the final result. I decided not to make the head piece since she rarely lets me put anything on her head and I found this feathery headband in Auntie K’s place that I figured I could throw on for a pic. The wings lasted for about 2 minutes before she desperately tried to remove them.

In classic toddler style, she ends up liking only the headband. We pinned the wings to her jacket so we could hang out on the porch and give out candy, which worked out better.

The Frankenstorm weather kept the Trick or Treaters down to a minimum, but M rocked out to Feed my Frankenstein all the same. And at least one family member had the decency to respect the holiday season and a well planned costume.