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general cavorting

One of our many vacation days together before the ice and the January set in.


beeks&neens_2See N’s suspicious face here…


Suspicion validated.



My friend Michelle told me there is a point where it gets easier with two than harder, when your oldest can help with the baby (by keeping them entertained). I feel like we are on the pathway to that (although not quite there yet!)

11 week eyebrow watch

Small Fry here really looks like her papa to me and I just realized it’s because she has his eyebrows. Hopefully she will appreciate a good brow instead of plucking them into oblivion like I did to mine. Thank you the ’90s, you really did a number on many an eyebrow.


This baby is my little sweet potato, she is so easy going and smiley it really makes the fact that she  will not sleep on her own (at night or naps) easier to deal with. We do a lot of what I call air napping around here, which means wearing her in the ergo while I clean and putter around.  And although that won’t be ideal forever, it and massive amounts of dark chocolate are getting us through the day for now.

2 months

M- Mama what’s Papa’s name?

Me- Ivan

M (to Papa)- Hey Ivan can you hold the baby? Mama wants to colour with me.



Looks like Chins for days here is 2 months old today and as much as M loves her little sis I can tell she is really missing our one on one time. I’m trying very hard to spend time with her, but there is only so much of me to go around. Chins on the other hand is pretty much happy as a clam during the day. She sleeps good at night as long as someone is sleeping beside her…which leaves me very little time when I am not with baby. My Friday Night Lights habit and my sewing projects are really taking one for the team these days.

Oh here is a comparison 2 month photo Small Fry vs Medium Fry







M- Mama the baby has black hairs

Me- yes she does

M- I don’t want her to have black hairs

Me- What type of hairs do you want her to have

M- I want her to have white hairs



This baby needs a lot of baths, between getting covered in milk spray, the spitting up, the voluminous neck rolls and the sleeping basically in my armpit all night her head is usually smelling ripe by the second day after a bath.


The weather has been so good these days that we usually get in some sun drying time on the bed where we luxuriate in the brief window of fresh baby smell.

Stars in her ears

TeePee gave me these beautiful rough cut raw diamond earrings after N was born. I guess you could call them a push present, but I prefer to think of them as a “Hey thanks for being awesome” present.


They are made by an artisan in BC who supports her family of four kids (she is a widowed single mom) by selling her beautiful jewelry on her Etsy shop Specimental. She has so many amazing pieces. M is also in love with them apparently. She can’t stop talking about how she wants stars in her ears. I explained that she would need holes in her ears and that it might hurt, she seems unconcerned about the pain. I agreed to the holes, when she’s four…we’ll see how long it takes her to realize that’s kind of half a lifetime away (for her).


TeePee and I had been going back and forth on taking a holiday this Spring. On the one hand we really wanted to go somewhere before 3 becomes 4, but on the other hand we are spending all our money on this reno…so we decided to just take a couple days off and do some fun things around the city. Yesterday we went to the Zoo and today the Science Centre. M has been extra active/meltdown-y these days due to the teething of her 2 year molars. You know how most people who are sick/in pain want to laze around and watch tv? Not this guy, she wants to sneak into the actual animal exhibits (read total heart attack for mama) at the Zoo risking life and limb for a good time.


I have been feeling major guilty about the lack of bump shots this time round, but it’s been pretty much not happening. Here I am yesterday at the zoo and a selfy I took later on in the day…..25 weeks yowza how did that happen already!?




Days go by

I have a secret….I’m kind of really liking working. It was a hard adjustment at first especially for M, but I think we have a real routine going on now. It will also make this summer when I’m off again feel that much sweeter. I’m hoping to have some time before baby to work on projects that have fallen by the wayside. M has fully gotten to the stage where Pepper is now being subjected to her whims of wearing tank tops and tutus (much to Pepper’s extreme chagrin), how glad Pepper will be when M has a little sibling to boss around and she can go back to her day job of barking at squirrels and sleeping in sun squares.

Living loving


It feels like I have been neglecting this space a little bit these days, but now that I am out of my barf prison and spend most of the week working we have been spending weekends squeezing in every bit if living we can. With time so precious I have been less wanting to pick up the camera and document what we are doing and just be doing.

Although Spring hasn’t quite hit us, the weather has been way better and it has been really sunny lately which feels like a little slice of heaven. M is having a bit of a tough time adjusting to me being gone so much of the week, but it’s only for a few months and will be well worth it. The belly grows and I keep planning on doing taking some pictures, but it just hasn’t happened. Best I can do is this shot I took of my legs getting some much needed vitamin D the other day. Sorry if it’s a bit naked, the sun and indigestion have been leaving me pants-less as of late.

Can’t wait till summer so I can be pants-less all the time!