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The Rose and the Thorn

While I slept in and caught up on some much needed sleep Sunday…

The Mama

Rose I started Aquafit a few weeks ago and it feels SO good to move my increasingly bigger bod.

Thorn Papa working late many days this week make for a tired (pseudo single) Mama.

Thorn Jr. ummm it’s April 21st and I saw snow yesterday morning! SNOW! and not Jon Snow which would have been way awesomer. Also Jon Snow is never going to want to come back to Toronto because he probably thinks it is freezing here all the time. Thanks a lot weather.

The Papa

Rose He’s still on a skylight high and may never come down.

Thorn All work and no play makes Papa a tired Papa


Rose Three days in a row with both parents off, so many walks outside picking flowers.

Thorn The two year molars are arriving. They are not coming unannounced.


Rose Pepper had a dog date with her dog boyfriend. In preparation she brushed her teeth, combed her hair and got her nail (re)did. She was so happy this afternoon she was wagging her tail in her sleep.

Thorn The minions ( birds as well as squirrels these days, I’m basically Snow White now) out the window are eating better than her.


The Rose and The Thorn – holiday edition

The Mama Rose Awesome presents across the board, great food, good times and one afternoon of watching movies and putting photos in my new album while M napped.

Thorn We drove home on the 26th through a snowstorm to find our power had been out since four pm (and remained out until midnight) thwarting my plans to watch holiday movies.

The Papa  Rose 4 days off work to spend yukking it up with us guys.

Thorn Taking a course for the rest of Christmas vacation, and although necessary, sad to no longer be yukking it up (we are in fact not yukking it up anymore, but cleaning like maniacs)

Baby M Rose New toys, fun times and a sweet reunion with her baby who had been left behind at a friend’s house.

Thorn Hello non existent naps and wacky bedtimes.

Pepper Rose She, Pepper herself even got to sample the Roast Beast.

Thorn Three days of Christmas floor scraps equals one sad doggy belly.

1&2 Christmas funsies. 3 The look of extreme terror/nausea Pepper gets on every car ride. 4 A perfect afternoon. 5 life by candlelight.

The Rose and the Thorn

Mama Rose I’ve just been feeling really lucky these days. Lucky that I live in a safe place in this world with no wars or storms. A place where soon the snow will start falling and we will watch the Grinch Who Stole Christmas for the first time with our special lady and dash through the snow to go tobogganing and then go home and have (dairy free) hot chocolate. What can I say, we here in the privileged part of the world are the lucky ones.

Thorn I think I have to cut back on the Krakus (actually they were out of Krakus so Inka is the new Krakus) drinking, I just realized that Barley is a grain so it is in no way gluten free. Sigh.. another edible small pleasure bites the dust.

TP Rose His Elton John inspired space jam is so near to completion he can almost taste it, and it tastes like tacos.

Thorn TP hates being called TP since he prefers to not have the same nickname as toilet paper….we are currently name-storming an alternative.

Baby M Rose The Zoo was pretty good. A peacock was perusing for snack droppings when we ate lunch, much cooler than a seagull begging for scraps. M followed it everywhere and really wanted to take this “Peacott” character home.

Thorn The “Peacott” had zero interest in coming home, no matter how many times she told it to come.

Pepper Rose Guests came over yesterday with faces to lick off and a 2 hour walk was to be had.

Thorn Cousin Mitzi was sleeping all across the bed this afternoon leaving no space for one to curl ones body into a tight small ball.

The Rose and The Thorn





The Mama Rose finally getting a chance to sit in the window by myself with a new project. Thorn Pepper getting scared by a big dog at the park and running ALL THE WAY HOME, by herself, through traffic, giving me a heart attack and just waiting on the porch for me with some neighbors when I get home. The bright side? The kindness of strangers in our neighborhood turns out to be astounding.

TP Rose These amazing Bad Lip Reading videos of Mitt Romney. Thorn Car drivers that are oblivious to bike drivers.

Baby M Rose Matching bracelets with Mama. Thorn A fever that trapped us inside for 2 days until we both wanted to climb the walls.

Pepper Rose Fall High Park walk. Thorn Being scared enough to throw caution, planning and even personal safety out the window and run like the dickens for the safest port.


Happy Friday

It’s been a hectic week with school (Me), work (TP) and freelance work (Me) as well as a mid week furniture re-arrange , a dog escape and a couple other projects on the go. Even though we are still D.I.Y-ing this weekend, I’m hopeful that we will have a day of rest on Sunday and do normal things like brunch and walks and rolling around on the floor.

Happy weekend everyone, enjoy!

Walking in an Orange Wonderland

Thanksgiving came early this year and as much as I feared the 11 hours of driving over three days we had planned, it wasn’t so bad after all. So many highlights, so little time before I have to answer the chocolate bar that has been calling my name all morning from the freezer.

M played under the table with cousins at Great Grandpa’s place in London.

Then off to cottage country for 2 days. Autumn cottage actually almost trumps summer cottage for me. Walking through the crunchy leaves and smelling that burn-y fall smell, drinking Krakus and eating big fall dinners.

Pepper frolicked her little heart out down this path.

And then completed the best day ever by settling down with both a sweater AND an afghan.

M took time away from her busy “To Do” list

to devour numerous bananas

and then patiently (ha) wait to go outside to spend every possible moment inspecting the forest.

And although there was mild confusion when everyone was trying to put on their boots.

A wonderful long weekend was had by all.

Make it Make it

Been trying to get to some sewing projects that have been on my mind for awhile now. Finally made a pair of Sarouels that fit from the Cirque Du Bebe blog. This is my third pair, first ones were too small, second too big, this pair though is just right. I had meant for them to be jammie pants, but I kind of love them so much I think they will be regular pants.

Pepper photo bombed and promptly tried to use them as a tanning mat, they are THAT good! I think I might just make some more simple ones like this for jammies;

What baby needs pockets in their jammies anyhow?

I also made a new crib sheet since the previous one was developing holes a plenty. Here’s her little sleeping nook;

This is one of my fave vintage sheet patterns (I’ve seen A LOT). Love the colours and the print.

I’m secretly looking forward to when we lose the crib and M has a bed…I think we might just do a mattress on the floor that we can all roll around in. Then I can finally stare at this amazing pegasus mobile that my insanely talented friend Sarah made for M.

Look at it hanging there. So fuzzy, so pegasus-y, so pom-pom-y.

If only I could lock myself in a room with my sewing machine and 5 chocolate bars for the next 48 hours, then I would really put a dent in my sewing projects.

Escaping death…again

We went to High Park last weekend to meet up with The Papa’s papa and his family for a picnic that turned almost deadly for one small black and white spotted family member. Here is M and her Uncle Sasha enjoying some shade and sharing a leaf.

Pepper was then forced to run around in 2000 circles of fun (not really for her) by the leash. Just when she had reached her fun limit (actually  a pretty low threshold for a 4 year old dog) we decided to head home. I locked her leash onto the stroller as I always do and parked on top of the hill to say some goodbyes. What I failed to do was put on the brake (M was not in the stroller) and as we said goodbye so the stroller went down the hill, pulling Pepper in tow. Slowly at first as I tried to catch up, but then all of a sudden it was going crazy fast and was headed to an even steeper hill that heads down a concrete path towards the pond. At this point I think Pepper was in extreme panic mode, trying to keep up, but also trying to look back and wonder why god had forsaken her at the same time. Thankfully an amazing hero saw what was happening and ran in front of the stroller and saved the day!

Poor P was so exhausted from her near death experience that we loaded her into the stroller and M pushed her almost all the way home as she gazed with satisfaction at the peasants.


If I hadn’t stayed home from work sick yesterday I would have avoided the following things; Spilling an entire glass of rice milk on the table and floor, blowing a fuse using the microwave and toaster at the same time that shut off the fridge, a crazy poo situation (M’s) that meant I had to take her straight from stroller to bath and then clean the stroller and the sheepskin that lives inside it. This all took place in a matter of 15 minutes.

But, if I didn’t stay home sick yesterday I would have missed this…

M feeding P her entire breakfast with a spoon.

Ice lolly

Friday was another smoking hot day and molars continue to work their way up. The bumps are huge, I imagine it must be quite painful. I decided to try out these popsicle maker things we have in hopes to quell the complaining/pain. I used peach Kefir, the results were pretty good and met with the utmost approval.

Pepper decided to come and check out what all the satisfactory vibes were all about…

She managed to sneak a lick which had the following affects;

Pepper = mind blown by delicious

Maude = climbing up on a chair and turning to the wall to eat in peace.

Sorry Pepper, no dice.