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Living loving


It feels like I have been neglecting this space a little bit these days, but now that I am out of my barf prison and spend most of the week working we have been spending weekends squeezing in every bit if living we can. With time so precious I have been less wanting to pick up the camera and document what we are doing and just be doing.

Although Spring hasn’t quite hit us, the weather has been way better and it has been really sunny lately which feels like a little slice of heaven. M is having a bit of a tough time adjusting to me being gone so much of the week, but it’s only for a few months and will be well worth it. The belly grows and I keep planning on doing taking some pictures, but it just hasn’t happened. Best I can do is this shot I took of my legs getting some much needed vitamin D the other day. Sorry if it’s a bit naked, the sun and indigestion have been leaving me pants-less as of late.

Can’t wait till summer so I can be pants-less all the time!

To dream of spring

I’m just going to say it one more time. Over winter… A LOT….also over barfing every day but that doesn’t seem to be going away. As my camera sits on a shelf gathering dust and we continue to try crawl through permit hell, there never seems to be enough time in a day to do anything more than eat, sleep, take care of our family, throw up and then go to bed again. Sorry to be so boringly bad vibing, but just being honest ok? This picture has really been getting me through the days lately….

I want to go there and feel the sun on my pale tired face right now. I promise to not come back until I have something more positive to say. Pinky swear!

This just in-I can breathe….through both nostrils!

This has been the winter of our discontent. It’s been a cluster eff of crazy illness, too much to do, permit mayhem and a new job for me. Throw this guy into the mix….

and you have one very tired family indeed. I’ve been hit with the worst case of nausea since princess Kate this time around which caught me completely off guard and struck me down with a force stronger than Thor’s hammer. It’s been bad…..vomiting upwards of 10 times a day and beyond bad and it’s still not completely over even though I am 14 weeks this weekend. The good news (other than creating life which is awesome of course) is that we are all finally getting over the death plague and I feel like good things and better times are coming. And let me tell you when Spring arrives I will be the first person to run up and hug her with all my might.


Baby Mama Party

Yesterday was Kristen’s baby shower and the weather could not have been more perfect for the outdoor party we had planned. We had a little crafting party Friday night to make the decorations and let me tell you, crafting circles and mega glasses of wine after a truly long week make for a dangerous combination. It all came together and looked pretty GD adorable if I do say so myself.

Extreme close-up, pouf edition

The lady of the hour

Looking pretty amazing at 34 weeks mama!

M enjoyed some slide time

While Leah Jane and I tried to win the trivia game (fail)

But the real winner was Kyle who now has the greatest accessory known to man.

Insanely gigantic flower boa.

If I had 3 arms, I definitely could have co-hosted, baby minded and taken pictures, however Zeus just didn’t make me that way, so these few Instagrams will have to do.

In Amazing Fantastic news our new camera should be up and running this week which will be super duper sweet Brah.

Away Again

We are back from another epic Vacation crashing weekend, this time it was the Neveu family crashing the McGregor cottage in Kashe lake version.

Next year there will be two little ladies running around.

This was probably one of the best cottages I’ve been to for oh so many reasons. Two of which were party boat AND party Island. P spent much time trying to figure out how she would get to party Island.

She did eventually get there, but was almost immediately voted off by everyone involved including herself.

And even though there was a Piano there….

M’s favorite objects of choice were some extra large rubber boots….

and an extra small hat that made her look like the unknown 5th member of Moxy Fruvous.


A perfect weekend that we did not want to end. We left at bedtime Sunday night to (unsuccessfully) avoid the horrible traffic we hit on the way up.

The kiddos were asleep in 5 minutes flat.

And we got to enjoy the warm breeze, the sunset and a summer storm.

Toronto may have my body, but my heart belongs to Kashe lake.


Bump Watch 2012

I’m super excited that 2 of our very best friends are expecting and due this September. I swear to god everywhere I look are pregnant ladies and it kind of almost makes me want to do it again, which is funny because this baby still doesn’t sleep through the night! I loved being pregnant, I loved the big stomach and feeling your baby move, and sleeping and laying on the couch eating rice cream, people feed you non stop when you are pregnant which I enjoy greatly.

Here is Kristen in all her striped pregnant glory;

Dudes, I can’t wait to meet your baby this fall!

Sidebar: I saw Cabin in The Woods last night and it was SO good. If you have the chance I highly recommend this movie, classic Joss Whedon at his very best! And I’m not saying this because it is the only movie I have seen in the theatre so far this year!

The Beginning

I meant to start this blog last year at this time when I looked like this; so all my friends and family near and far could follow our adventures in babysitting. I’m not usually a procrastinator, but here we are almost 11 months in. I’ll do a quick picture update to get us back up to the current.

Pepper is wondering what she is in for….