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Christmas Crafting

I finally had the chance to get my Christmas craft on this weekend and finished up this felt garland I had been planning. I was inspired by a felted garland I saw at West Elm, but I am already almost at my maximum for Christmas decorating purchases (as I patiently await my exciting Ebay win!) so I decided to make something my own self.

Here’s what I used; felt sheets (I ended up using 7), scissors, a round thing (I used a small glass), marker, Thread, sewing machine, embroidery floss (optional).

This craft is so cheap and easy, the only caveat is that cutting out all those wee circles is time consuming. Using your round thing and marker make many many circles on your felt.

Circle up all your felts and cut them out (I added one sheet of red felt after I analysed my circle piles/colour choices)

I lined up my circles to see if I was happy with my colour selection…

Next comes the fun/easy part, the sewing of the garlands. You can just feed the circles into the machine one by one.

And soon you will have a delightful garland coming out the other side. (If you can manage to keep small hands away from your circles).

I decided to make two garlands so they would be easier to handle (less tangley) and this ended up making about 30 feet of garland. I threw some loops on the end with embroidery floss because that’s how garlands seem to roll.

And Ta-Na! Two Christmas garlands to call my very own. We are getting our Christmas tree this weekend so they are just hanging around the house for now delighting passerbys (me and M, Pepper couldn’t give a fig) for the time being.

Make it, Make it!

Today I made some crazy easy mittens from a t-shirt.  I don’t know about your toddler, but mine is not a huge mitten fan and they usually last about 4 seconds so I figured if I made some long ones that were thin enough she might actually consider wearing them.

I just traced her hand and wrist on a piece of paper to make the pattern. I tried to re-create that step here, but she had other plans. If you are wondering why there is a piece missing from the top of the pattern, please see Exhibit A.

Exhibit A

A little bit of newsprint mid morning always hits the spot. So trace your pattern twice on an old T-shirt (this is what makes it SOOOO easy since the hem is done for you)

Make them as long as you want, just make sure to trace down to the hem. I made these bad boys elbow length. Like so,


I didn’t even serge them, since going around the little corners of the thumb would be a pain, plus jersey doesn’t fray all that much and it is a fairly good assumption that one or both will be lost within the month, if not the week.

Success! So far, she can actually still move her hands around and (extremely important) eat snacks with them on. Added bonus, they kind of look like weird snake puppets, maybe I should put a face on these babies!



In our usual Halloween tradition I made M a costume. And in her usual Halloween tradition she had zero interest in wearing it. I had pinned these wings awhile back and was planning on making her an owl headpiece to go with. The wings were super easy if a bit time consuming, all the instructions are here on this cute blog.

Here are my in process wings.

And the final result. I decided not to make the head piece since she rarely lets me put anything on her head and I found this feathery headband in Auntie K’s place that I figured I could throw on for a pic. The wings lasted for about 2 minutes before she desperately tried to remove them.

In classic toddler style, she ends up liking only the headband. We pinned the wings to her jacket so we could hang out on the porch and give out candy, which worked out better.

The Frankenstorm weather kept the Trick or Treaters down to a minimum, but M rocked out to Feed my Frankenstein all the same. And at least one family member had the decency to respect the holiday season and a well planned costume.


5th times a charm

In an act of complete madness I decided to give the door just one more try with yet another colour and am adequately satisfied with the results. Much to TP’s chagrin the final colour ended up being pink.

That’s the silhouette I had done a few weeks back hanging up there.

We have also made the switch away from the crib, we recently got a futon mattress to put on the floor in case she needed our help on rough nights (anyone who has ever had a baby with sleeping problems, who refuses to Ferberize will understand) and we just never really went back in the crib after that. So here is our new set up.

We put an antique window in the wall when we built it to let in more light. Our house has many large trees around it (that we love) so it is often shadesville inside. I whipped together some pillow cases and a fitted sheet from my old vintage sheet stash and things are finally starting to come together up in there.

TP and I have made a pact that the weekend after Thanksgiving we will finish the wall upstairs or die trying.

Make it, Make it

I’ve had jammies on the brain since I made the jammie pants that turned out to be real pants. I decided that I needed a simpler pattern so I could whip up a bunch for M at a moments notice. I did a loose harem type situation. I know there are those out there who hate the harem, but face it people, they are comfortable as all get out. Here is the step by step if you want harem jammies to call your own.

I just kind of winged the pattern by loosely (pun intended) basing it on a pair of her leggings.

I made the pattern a few inches wider at the waist and then dropped the crotch down 3 inches or so, spread the pant legs and wanged the shape. The harem, she forgives so I wasn’t too worried.

Then I foraged through my give away clothes that I have been saving for M and found ye olde spotted skirt.

Cut that mother open and cut two of my pattern pieces and some 3/4″ elastic (just measured the leggings waistband for that measurement). Ta na!

The end of the legs on these guys matched the bottom of the skirt hem so I didn’t bother making cuffs, but I did a second pair out of yardage and did the cuffs for them like so;

Made a little rectangle slightly smaller than the width of my pattern pant leg and cut on fold at bottom and side, serged the short side together and then folded up so the wrong sides are together (inside) and ended up with this;

serged them on the pant legs and we be jamming (Yes I went there, I totally did). I also decided to make a pair of legwarmers out of some old tights I had for her and basically just cut the leg tubes to the size I wanted and then made cuffs for the top and bottom like for the pants but skinnier and they ended up like so;

Here is all of the loot me and my handy little serger made this morning.

Go team!

Rainy Weekend DIY

Fallout rain from hurricane Isaac was scheduled for this weekend so we figured it was a good time to take care of some projects. We FINALLY got started on making the window bench seat in M’s room.  Here it is before;

Here’s all our supplies preparing themselves to form a nook. M is preparing to put anything that gets in her way to nap by draping a blanket over their entire person.

TP gets ready, M helps by dancing to the music of 50 screws shaking in a plastic box.

And 2 trips to Home Depot plus 2 trips to the wood shop at TP’s work; including one at night…Saturday night in downtown club land (an experience TP has vowed never to repeat). Things were coming together.

It has a swinging door for storage and a space for books at the front. I have to paint it this week and make the cushion for on top and then we will nook like we have never nooked before!

Also during nap on Saturday I made M this dress from an old T-shirt of mine. No before picture happened because I was practicing being lazy.

I know I promised I would try to relax a bit and not have so many projects on the go, so I did manage to also finish reading my book (relaxingly) AND watch numerous hours of Community. Also I managed to walk away from the nook on Sunday and go to the Junction Flea and hang out with some friends and on the upper deck with this guy.

The old me would have had that nook painted and ready to go whatever the cost.


Make it Make it

Been trying to get to some sewing projects that have been on my mind for awhile now. Finally made a pair of Sarouels that fit from the Cirque Du Bebe blog. This is my third pair, first ones were too small, second too big, this pair though is just right. I had meant for them to be jammie pants, but I kind of love them so much I think they will be regular pants.

Pepper photo bombed and promptly tried to use them as a tanning mat, they are THAT good! I think I might just make some more simple ones like this for jammies;

What baby needs pockets in their jammies anyhow?

I also made a new crib sheet since the previous one was developing holes a plenty. Here’s her little sleeping nook;

This is one of my fave vintage sheet patterns (I’ve seen A LOT). Love the colours and the print.

I’m secretly looking forward to when we lose the crib and M has a bed…I think we might just do a mattress on the floor that we can all roll around in. Then I can finally stare at this amazing pegasus mobile that my insanely talented friend Sarah made for M.

Look at it hanging there. So fuzzy, so pegasus-y, so pom-pom-y.

If only I could lock myself in a room with my sewing machine and 5 chocolate bars for the next 48 hours, then I would really put a dent in my sewing projects.

The F word

Yesterday was one of those days. Well actually just the hour and a half between 5 and 6:30. How can one little section of time cause so much headache? It was just one of those days where nothing goes right and with every new thing you think “Calgon take me away”. Seriously I was basically the lady from the Flaky commercial without the Sally Jesse Rafael glasses.

Whenever things are going wrong in an annoying, but not detrimental way, I always think of the beginning of Four Weddings and a Funeral. They are running late and things keep going wrong and they keep saying F*ck, F*ck, F*ck. After bath I am relating my torture hour to the papa.

Me: Then I realized I forgot to get money for the daycare lady and I have to go back, f*ck…then when I got home, I realized I forgot my phone at work, f*ck, f*ck. Then when I was walking Pepper to pick up M, I realized I am out of dog poo bags just when I need one. F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, etc. etc.

When I finish my rant, M looks at me, pauses and says F*CK! and then laughs gleefully. And that dear friends is the end of my career as a person who says f*ck.

I also managed to finish sewing the pyjamas while M took her nap.

Things of note here are as follows;

When they say 18-24 months, they must mean only if you are a giant or an amazon. These things look like they are for a 4 year old. Perhaps that is because I still go back and forth on the correct way to piece together patterns from this book. The instructions are vague (as in non existant) to say the least. Also the rise on these pants are in no way big enough to fit a diaper so I guess it’s good that they won’t fit until next summer.

The hat that won’t be worn

It has been so crazy hot this last week (hello sunburned neck I received when walking home from the Duff the other day) so I figured I better get going on making M a summer hat. The thing is, she hates wearing hats, like hates it, pulls them off right away. Is this all toddlers? I have surely seen other tots in the park with sunhats on. It is extra sad because I have an unholy love of hats.

Anyways I digress, I decided to make the same one I made last summer for her from the Sewn With Love book by Fiona Bell.

I really love this book, I made some stuff from the baby section for her last summer and I am super excited that I can finally make all the cute things for toddlers in there!

This is the third time I’ve made it and I’m kind of a pro at it now which feels nice. I had to make the pattern bigger since she is too big for the baby version, but it worked out just fine. It lasted on her head about 23 seconds before it was yanked off, I did manage to grab a shot of the front and the back for our viewing pleasure.

I made it pink so that people can stop calling her a boy. I heard people in Ikea the other day talking about her and the daughter was saying to her father, no la nina, la nina and pointing at her pink shoes. I like pink as much as the next guy, but feel no need to drape her it just because she is a girl.

Next up for sewing projects? The vintage inspired pyjamas from the same book….feels good to be making things again, I missed you sewing machine!