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Hot Down, Summer in the City

There have been some violent happenings here in the city with 2 fatal public shootings during daylight hours and the recent stabbings/muggings on Yonge st., even so I feel like I’m having a real renaissance with Toronto. I’m kind of loving it here right now and only daydream about moving to the country 20% of the time. We went to this amazing new restaurant last Thursday (Farmhouse Tavern) that has all local Ontario (well Canada at least) ingredients and wines/beers. I had been watching the transformation as I rode by for the past few weeks and I must say I do love seeing great things come together, very inspiring indeed.

And yes folks the wait is over, it’s summer at last….there are people out and about, there is the smell of trees on the breeze, and the season is stretched out in front of us with the promise of swimming and ice (rice) cream, BBQs, sparklers on the beach and naps in the sun. Yup pretty much loving life right now and I think I know someone who feels the same;

Sunday Stuff

We decided to not do anything major on the house this weekend after the bathroom vanity fiasco of last weekend (which turned into a week long process) and I woke up Sunday morning to a sunlight filled room. It almost felt like summer up here and let me tell you, it was swell. I’m sure almost everyone is feeling those end of winter blues creep in and we haven’t even had a bad winter this year.

Never the less, March is almost here and Spring feels like it is right around the corner and for that I say Huzzah!

Some pics of our lazy morning;

This is the amazing vintage find I made on my b-day, $14.99 for this wool rug! It’s the vintage find of 2012 so far…

Sometime H&M gets it so right. I am obsessed with this tank top onesie!

What can I say? The girl’s got moves!

Thanks Sunny Sunday, you really came through! Today is about as grey as can be and it is the Papa’s birthday. Unfortunately he had to roll out of bed extra early and rush off to be on set for a shoot. Here at the ol’ homestead we are wishing him the best day filled with delicious burritos and on set food. Thanks for being the absolute best Papa, hubs, pal for life. We love you and all you do for us!

Down the Rabbit Hole

It feels like forever since I posted last, I can’t believe we only moved just over a week ago. I can barely remember what trust fund baby cologne smells like. We didn’t have internet for almost a whole week and in a way it was a blessing in disguise as I’d become quite the little internet addict. But I’m back dear fellow internet junkies.The move weekend was pretty intense, we realized the night before that we were very much not packed completely and had to stay up throwing things into boxes and Ikea bags. Thanks to our amazing friends that showed up on Sunday morning to haul our belongings to the new place. Finch, Jared, Colin, Clint, Mom and Dad you guys brang it. We owe you.

It’s been hectic, we have been painting, babygating, we have cut new teeth, we are still waiting for a fridge and have been using the windowsill as a cooler, but really, it is great here. We are so happy to be in a neighbourhood again. People here say hi to each other and smile at you. It is so very nice to be out of the Liberty Village bubble and this old house just has this familiar feeling. It’s like we belong here. ┬áBoth M and P are enjoying this new thing called a hallway…novel thing that. Did I mention we have a window seat now? It’s amazing, why was I being such a house Grinch?