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Movies and Dumplings and yard work oh my…

A rare occurrence happened around here on Friday. M went to daycare and TP and I both didn’t go to work so we had the WHOLE day together by ourselves….for the first time in almost 2 years. We took P on a special walk, rode our bikes around, went to Chinatown, ate at Asian Legends, went to the movies (Moonrise Kingdom, loved it!) and ended it all by hitting up the Junction Art Crawl (with M and some friends).

Having the best day ever made it so much easier to spend all day Saturday working on the backyard, and it is starting to take shape.

I like to think of it as a secret garden, but with more dog pee on the ground.

This is our little outside room, this part of the backyard is on a slant going towards the back (for water drainage) so the people sitting onĀ  the bench tower over the pee wees on the green chairs.

Here is a close up of that metal ball thingy that we got at Aberfoyle. We stringed some lights through the whole shebang and at night it looks like this;

We even used the extra bricks we salvaged from re-creating the stairs/ensmallerizing the garden out front today…we killed it this weekend! One final sweep Sunday morning and we are done (stage 1).

Next up we are turning this whole front area into a deck…luckily the people who owned our home before us added a lot of details we love. Like this bird apartment block along the side of our house.

It’s easier adding to good than starting fresh.


19 months

We had a great weekend in the city, with the perfect ratio of getting stuff done and fun times. It’s been raining felines and canines around here lately, and I kind of didn’t mind all that much. I spied a long john in my drawer the other day and it kind of felt like seeing a long lost friend.

Here we are 19 months, 27 lbs, 9.5 teeth…

And some highlights of the weekend via Instagram. So many good times were had it’s hard to list them all, but drinks on the porch, vegan gluten free cookies, dog walks, brunch, pals, flea market, cleaning and organizing (yes I love those things for real) and best of all we finally got around to working on the back yard and it’s starting to look totally amazing. We are really going to have to have some people over to do a backyard warming soon.

M eating a watermelon, lemon, basil popsicle and forcing Clint to sit down right in the middle of the Junction Flea Market.

A little bit of the new back yard set up.

T.P. taking a much needed Sunday afternoon nap wearing his new 1% talent T-shirt.

Someone was flying a kite at the park, we just laid in the grass and watched for a bit like we hadn’t a care in the world.



Vintage Score of the month

And the vintage score of the month goes to, not one, but two Vintage Fisher Price Little people play sets. You may recall that I found the Tudor play house a few weeks back for $5. So I have been scouring the lands for the furniture and people to go with it. My search has ended with absolute success! At an undisclosed location up North I found not just the Tudor house complete with stairs, furniture and people (ok the dog is missing, but who’s complaining?)

Who doesn’t remember the inside of these rooms and that staircase from their childhood?

This would be enough of a find to satisfy any normal human being, but the vintage gods upped the ante and I also scored this;

The Parking garage that I also had when I was a kid. This is the exact set that I have been dreaming of finding! The vintage gods have been kind to me, I guess I have to send them a sacrificial thank you card? I wonder what pleases the VGs? Have to think on that one….Oh did I mention that I paid a total of $5 for both of these? ridiculous? Yes? Awesome? Oh indeedy!

One of a kind vintage finds

Anyone who knows me knows that thrifting is something that is close to my heart. There is nothing like the thrill of finding treasure amongst piles of random stuff. Plus I just love looking at objects. I have been having some good luck lately at places big and small, fleas and garage sales and just regular old Value Village.

We just need to track down some furniture and family members.

German made leather interior/suede exterior sandals for m (next year). The vintage Alice in Wonderland quilt is from the good old picking days at Preloved.

Doilies for a few projects that I can’t wait to make from this book. The children in this book are styled to an adorable perfection without being too obnoxious.

I love this camel guy….all weathered and mysterious looking. Perfect for making believe you are on a trek through the dessert!

Fifty cents for a hand smocked dress? Yes please.

We scored some good stuff at Aberfoyle for our backyard. We need to devote some serious time to getting it in shape. Once it is the Oasis we have planned, I’ll post pics.

Sunday Stuff

We decided to not do anything major on the house this weekend after the bathroom vanity fiasco of last weekend (which turned into a week long process) and I woke up Sunday morning to a sunlight filled room. It almost felt like summer up here and let me tell you, it was swell. I’m sure almost everyone is feeling those end of winter blues creep in and we haven’t even had a bad winter this year.

Never the less, March is almost here and Spring feels like it is right around the corner and for that I say Huzzah!

Some pics of our lazy morning;

This is the amazing vintage find I made on my b-day, $14.99 for this wool rug! It’s the vintage find of 2012 so far…

Sometime H&M gets it so right. I am obsessed with this tank top onesie!

What can I say? The girl’s got moves!

Thanks Sunny Sunday, you really came through! Today is about as grey as can be and it is the Papa’s birthday. Unfortunately he had to roll out of bed extra early and rush off to be on set for a shoot. Here at the ol’ homestead we are wishing him the best day filled with delicious burritos and on set food. Thanks for being the absolute best Papa, hubs, pal for life. We love you and all you do for us!