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Baby Mama Party

Yesterday was Kristen’s baby shower and the weather could not have been more perfect for the outdoor party we had planned. We had a little crafting party Friday night to make the decorations and let me tell you, crafting circles and mega glasses of wine after a truly long week make for a dangerous combination. It all came together and looked pretty GD adorable if I do say so myself.

Extreme close-up, pouf edition

The lady of the hour

Looking pretty amazing at 34 weeks mama!

M enjoyed some slide time

While Leah Jane and I tried to win the trivia game (fail)

But the real winner was Kyle who now has the greatest accessory known to man.

Insanely gigantic flower boa.

If I had 3 arms, I definitely could have co-hosted, baby minded and taken pictures, however Zeus just didn’t make me that way, so these few Instagrams will have to do.

In Amazing Fantastic news our new camera should be up and running this week which will be super duper sweet Brah.