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The Rose and The Thorn – holiday edition

The Mama Rose Awesome presents across the board, great food, good times and one afternoon of watching movies and putting photos in my new album while M napped.

Thorn We drove home on the 26th through a snowstorm to find our power had been out since four pm (and remained out until midnight) thwarting my plans to watch holiday movies.

The Papa  Rose 4 days off work to spend yukking it up with us guys.

Thorn Taking a course for the rest of Christmas vacation, and although necessary, sad to no longer be yukking it up (we are in fact not yukking it up anymore, but cleaning like maniacs)

Baby M Rose New toys, fun times and a sweet reunion with her baby who had been left behind at a friend’s house.

Thorn Hello non existent naps and wacky bedtimes.

Pepper Rose She, Pepper herself even got to sample the Roast Beast.

Thorn Three days of Christmas floor scraps equals one sad doggy belly.

1&2 Christmas funsies. 3 The look of extreme terror/nausea Pepper gets on every car ride. 4 A perfect afternoon. 5 life by candlelight.

Oh Tannenbaum

Continuing our kick start to the holiday season we hit the road early Saturday morning to go pick out our tree at the St. Lawrence Market.

M rarely leaves the house without her purse these days. I guess you just never know when a crayon and a cat sticker might come in handy.

After checking out the meats selection and purchasing some edible goods,

we went out into the freezing cold to pick our tree. There was a small car retrieval situation involving a forgotten parking pass/correct change that left us shivering by our tree for a bit longer than ideal. Good thing this horse was an amazing conversationalist.

Another good thing was that Peter and Maite had some extra rope to lend us since we didn’t really plan ahead on that front either. Also Peter has tying on down to a science and is the all around tree tying on roof hero.

After a warm up, a nap and some expensive (but amazing) sausages, we had our tree lit up and ready to decorate.

M took ornament hanging very seriously, planning out every placement.

Tree’s eye view

She has in the last two days re-arranged the bottom half of the tree many times, wonder where she gets that from?

Let’s get it started in here

To officially kick off the Christmas season M & I had a double date today with our pals E&E. The plan was to get the annual Santa photo at the Duff and then hit up Swiss Chalet for festive specials/memories of growing up in the suburbs.

Although spirits were high first thing and everyone was decked in their seasonal finery.

There was no chance M was going to go sit on “that red man’s” lap. Unfortunately the helper elves try to make kids smile by waving a jingly stuffed animal in their faces, unknowing of M’s deathly fear of stuffed animals. Needless to say this time it was a bust and we left without photo evidence, but she happily screamed out “Bye Santa!” when we left so I’m sure with a couple more visits in the bag we will get there. If I can handle that many visits to the Duff that is.

Christmas Crafting

I finally had the chance to get my Christmas craft on this weekend and finished up this felt garland I had been planning. I was inspired by a felted garland I saw at West Elm, but I am already almost at my maximum for Christmas decorating purchases (as I patiently await my exciting Ebay win!) so I decided to make something my own self.

Here’s what I used; felt sheets (I ended up using 7), scissors, a round thing (I used a small glass), marker, Thread, sewing machine, embroidery floss (optional).

This craft is so cheap and easy, the only caveat is that cutting out all those wee circles is time consuming. Using your round thing and marker make many many circles on your felt.

Circle up all your felts and cut them out (I added one sheet of red felt after I analysed my circle piles/colour choices)

I lined up my circles to see if I was happy with my colour selection…

Next comes the fun/easy part, the sewing of the garlands. You can just feed the circles into the machine one by one.

And soon you will have a delightful garland coming out the other side. (If you can manage to keep small hands away from your circles).

I decided to make two garlands so they would be easier to handle (less tangley) and this ended up making about 30 feet of garland. I threw some loops on the end with embroidery floss because that’s how garlands seem to roll.

And Ta-Na! Two Christmas garlands to call my very own. We are getting our Christmas tree this weekend so they are just hanging around the house for now delighting passerbys (me and M, Pepper couldn’t give a fig) for the time being.

Whoa…Merry Christmas

Now I understand why all the bloggers take a long winters break from blogging over the holidays. It is HECTIC with a capital heck. We did the classic 3 families in 3 cities in 3 days Christmas, but this year we added an entire sick family into the mix. We barely even managed to take our camera out of the bag, hardly capturing baby’s first Christmas at all. For shame! M started walking 3 days before the 25th and also is cutting both incisors. She hasn’t any other teeth up there so we had this snot nosed zombie vampire walking around…I’ll try to get a vid of her walking, it is really hilarious. She kind of looks like a little ape with her chubby belly.

These are mostly instagram pictures since that is all we had time for;


Here is M at Ivan’s mom’s in front of the tree….
and passed out with her favorite toy….a cold can of beer.

Apparently we only had time to take pictures of me and Kathryn in wacky glasses at my Mom’s.

And just one of M with her uncle Sasha at Ivan’s dad’s.

Highlights of the holiday include epic amounts of glorious food, a Tripp Trap (thanks Mom!) and Pepper not being eaten by the local coyote that has been attacking dogs in the area. We arrived home safe and sound, but thoroughly exhausted on the 26th evening.  One day to rest up and then off to the country!

Christmas Cheer + a disaster

Went to the Distillery District’s Christmas market today with two of our oldest pals Terry and Cheryl. It was cute and old timey, however some snow really would’ve hit the spot. We ate delicious maple taffy and some bavarian hot nuts. M was unimpressed with waking up from her nap early and the Merry Go round.

I have to admit, I am seriously in love with Instagram. Who doesn’t love making their photos look like they are from the 70’s?

After this we came home and Maude promptly murdalized our amazing Aloe plant. To be fair she almost murdalized herself when she pulled the whole thing down from a shelf, I thought it was safe and far enough away, but alas it was not. As happy as I am that she was completely unscathed, I’m so sad about the plant itself. It was actually three aloes in one pot and I nursed it back to health from near death and I was just sitting here the other day thinking about how much I loved it.
Here is a picture of it’s broken body, so long old friend, thanks for cleaning our air for awhile.

The Duff, really….


Finally made it out to get our picture with Santa Claus. I debated about whether or not to do it, on the one hand it’s traditional and I love looking back at all our vintage pictures with Santa. On the other hand it is kind of commercial and possibly not fun for babies. I wanted to go to the Eaton Centre figuring it was the classic choice (wasn’t a Christmas Story filmed there?), but apparently they no longer do photos there, Santa has gone futuristic and now only does Skype visits so we ended up, as usual at the Dufferin Mall (my Santa research had proven that he is a legendary Santa among local malls since he has a real beard).

Little M did not as I expected cry, but kind of sat there staring at everyone with a look of shocked wonder, the middle aged camera elf tried to make her smile by shaking a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal with bells on it at her, not knowing about her extreme aversion (borderline phobia) of Christmas stuffed animals. She did manage to crack a mini smile and we were good to go. Considering the joys of photoshop you think we could’ve gotten a sharper image with a little less redness everywhere, am I being too critical? I promise to stop being a Christmas picture Scrooge…

Here comes Santa Claus

So I noticed that even the lame-os in Liberty Village have more christmas spirit than we do. Now I love christmas as much as the next guy, but his year it really came on fast, not to mention that our silver tree is way at the back of the storage locker and I can’t bear to go in it for at least another month. Maude made her own x-mas spirit tonight in the bath…..thanks baby!